Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Wow!" effect

Well, kinda.

I've made little changes here and there in the blog, hope they're nice to look at while hanging aroung this useless thing of mine, hehe. Quite dark design, but it makes a calming effect on me, so don't get the poor blog holder wrong, I'm nowhere near a gothic girl, it's just that dark colours are nice :)

I still have some things to tell ya, and even swear to make a proper blogpost tomorrow. Sure it will be some useless ranting about new music (which is awesome and I was looking for such pretty and new stuff for ages already), new nearly found tv-series (which are awesome too) and some experiences called ordinary and boring life.

like always, here's all cool and dorky music of Panic! At the Disco

This Is Halloween (Cover)

 It's Almost Halloween

last one is especially mindblowing, watch till the end and look for dances after the chorus :D need to learn them and perform during the next trick ot treat operation :P

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