Friday, 19 March 2010

The Haunting of the New

Right now I'm gonna continue the pinky part of posting, but this time it will cause fashion issues.
A couple of days ago I was browsing through some internet-shops with clothes from different countries ad almostly fell in love with the following things:

If only I could decide which color I like and which one will be more suitable to the life in a big and dirty spring city... I very much liked the white coat, but it's so unpractical :(( and at the same time everyone is so tired of black although it's very classy and cool-looking, and blue... well, I have too much navy blue things in a wardrobe :((
And it would be very cool to have this cosy and warm sweater for chilly spring evenings and sittings by the fire.. and combined with these bright boots it would be just perfect :)
oh, beware, I'm a clothes maniac %))
Dress of the Night            combined with these low boots   or these grey high boots .....

and it will be A Dream Spring Look %)))) oh my... :)))


  1. Think the black one's the best, you finally live in SPB and it's really dirty in there. But it's the design I love most of all, it's really stylish!
    And hey, where did you find such a cutie?

  2. yep-yep, the clothes here should be all in all practical, unfortunately..
    And yes, the design is just great, seems very modern and at the same time like a real classics :)
    The only thing I remember is that I was actually browsing groups with diff offers about the clothes, and these coats were there. If I remember correctly, it was some group about quite cheap but fabric manufactured clothes from Korea :)