Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Illustrated Girl

So, it is time now for some girly stuff :)

What always was fun about me and things I wanna do is that  unless I really want to have smth, or to learn smth or try new things, I don't do it, don't learn and most of the times do not even think about them, even if all girls abd boys at my age do these things  (whatever) or e.g. it's common that you ask for a car for your 16th birthday and so on. I don't follow these...well, "traditions" so to say. The same happened with getting the driver license.. I have had a chance to learn driving a car many years ago when being at high school. There was a real opportunity because back than my grandfather have had a car and could easily teach me all the basics and some road tricks and so on. But I've thought it was a bit too early for me to learn this thing, or perhaps I was too scared, so I've put it in the table and haven't remembered about this, well, needed option even when I turned 18 years (here in Russia we're allowed to drive only from that age). And only a couple of days ago I really, really felt that yes, this is the time I'm not afraid of learning how to get this big can move and turn and go down the road :))) so for now there's only this money issue that prevents me from starting the driving courses.
And the same happened with some beauty-related stuff. Having quite thin lips I've always been confused of this fact and therefore never used any lipstick, only some hygienic one for once in a while. But-but-but perhaps some kind fairy was floating nearby and decided to try to convert me into a real girl :D and the day before yesterday I woke up and thought that, hm, maybe I should go and try some nice lipstick? and not even beige but some fruity and colourful? :))  thus was said and thus was done. And whoa, I was overwhelmed by the result, especially since the colours I chose were Chic Plum of the Maybelline series ColorSensational (for the lipstick) and Bengale Rose & Red Love of the same series (for the lip gloss). Never knew such colors can suit me, but since I have pale skin, bright grey eyes and dark hair, reddish lipgloss kinda works nice :)

and here's the pic (I add it in order to justify the post's title :)))

and for making a lil more sense to this post let's add some nice and beautiful music here :)
this time it is the newest song from Finnish "kotimainen musikki" singer Johanna Kurkela. She is very talented and posesses a nice and warm and so adorable voice... oh well..

Johanna Kurkela - Rakkauslaulu (LoveSong)

(video borrowed from

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