Monday, 15 March 2010

Sun and Shadow

Creating this blog I was so sure it's gonna be easy to start writing and talking about everything. Like you just come, sit and start telling whatever you want to, whatever comes to your mind and so on. Buuut as it appeared to be, the first step is the hardest one.
What should I type now? Some subjective reviews to the recently-watched movies? Or to the recently bought albums of favourite bands? Or share nice vids from new Kuorosota? Naaaaa, whatever :)

Today the multi-popular and long-awaited 30 Seconds to Mars came to Saint-Petersburg and I actually had a ticket to their show, thanks to my fellow-mates. But, as I felt already a week or smth ago, this dream didn't come true to me due to some reasons. First and the hardest one is a long-playing headache following me 3 or 4 days already. Oh, how I hate my meteosensitivity :(( another one which is, perhaps, also quite strong, is an inappropriate frame of mind, the lack of desire to see this band live or to attend any concert at all. When I was living very far from places where big and nice bands play regularly, I just dreamed about visiting every their show, was full of such stunning enthusiasm.. And where is it now? *__* perhaps, 2 Nightwish shows in September 2009 took all my forces and ate all desire to jump in a crowd and sing along with the artist for at least 2 years. The Moscow show and the whole fan-club preparations *endless discussions about the presents, what to buy and how to deliver them to the band and so on, and then the whole story with waiting for the band backstage, etc* have erased me in a powder, or better to say in a helpless jelly. C'mon guys, come back very soon and revive me, please! :)

So I spent my evening at home, but thanksfully my old TV treats me nicely - he showed me another stunning Finnish band HIM, their Digital Versatile Doom: Live at the Orpheum Theatre. I felt that was what I really needed today, no offense to Jared and his wonderful boys and music :) at the end of the day, it's not that bad to spend an evening with one of, charming and talented European rock-bands instead of screaming your lungs out with the vocalist of America's most wanted modern band ;)

here are some vids from that HIM dvd:

Soul on Fire (one of my personal favourites)

Sleepwalking Past Hope *isn't that one fabulous?*

The Funeral of Hearts *sometimes I really want to award this song with "Song of the Century" %)*

It's All Tears *wow, Linde %)) I very much like boy's attention to the old songs and desire to change smth in them with time.. since they're way more experienced now ;)*

(all videos borrowed from

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