Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Machineries of Joy

Haven't been here for a while, or it's better to say didn't have time to write. Not that I am such a busy girl, but icq, NW forum and facebook, domesticity and etc really take a lot of time %) and plus, I can't resist and every night watch 2-3 episodes of my fav tv-series (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones and House M.D.).

Actually a week ago I was going to post my review to the recently watched "Remember Me" drama, but than decided to postpone it for some weeks, I want it to "raise up" inside me, to choose the right words which will accompany this review the best way. And, perhaps, just to calm down a bit. So if everything goes as planned, today this review will be there.
There's also a new HIM album review planned, so let's see if I manage to put it all here :)

Today has been such a grey day here in Saint-Petersburg. After yesterdays sun and 5 degrees above 0 a fog appeared to fill the streets. And moreover, the asphault was covered with dirty snow and puddles with ice underneath. That is why I hate the early spring, 'cause all this dirt and water and fog and raining destroy nice feelings and any will to get away from your place and have a sip of fresh air... I prefer May when there is no snow anymore and you can freely walk barefoot and enjoy the real spring sun :)

I wish I could skip nasty months and find myself lying somewhere on a green meadow reading nice book and letting all the grief and despair, all the black and poisoned feelings pass by and get away. It would be nice if sun will really have some actual healing effect, not only the skin cancer :)) 

The actual bright moment of the day was when I got my manuals and tutorials of Norwegian Language %))) I simply have no clue why I decided to learn it, but I did and this idea excited and almost rocked me. I used to study German and French at school (besides English) and have a Finnish course at University, but that is not enough! XD I decided that Norwegian and Swedish should also be in my "that's what I know" list. Wish me a good luck, tough times are coming :))

and a final and beautiful note to this post will be, as always, a piece of Music, and today it is Muse with their 
Undisclosed Desires :)

(video is borrowed from Muse official youtube channel)

see you later :)

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